Here at the ETHOS Lab we are proud to present a new concept and as you can read from the headline this is a study group to learn the programming language Python.

The study group is a student-led initiative and will run every Wednesday starting the 30th of September 2015.

For a while now, some of us in the ETHOS Lab has been talking about that we want to become better at programming. At the lab we are often experimenting with different Digital Tools and our hope is that by learning more about programming we will understand the Tools even better and maybe one day create some of our own.

It is as a response to this that we want to establish a community of people with the same interest in learning how to code in Python. No matter what skills and goals you have with Python, if you would like to join the study group please contact us to hear more and join us in our weekly meetings.

We have already received a lot of positive response and people with very different backgrounds and experience with Python has signed up and our hope is to create a diverse community where all skill levels can flourish.



Location: ETHOS Lab, IT-University, room 1c05.

Time: Wednesdays 15-17 (Starting the 30th of September).